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Lactation Consultant "TOP TIPS"

Top Tips for starting your breastfeeding journey by Lia Segall, Lacation Consultant

breastfeeding mum

How to Burp a Baby

Video demonstration of Kathy's Bubble Up© Technique


Guide to Mastitis

A summary guide designed to assist lactating parents in the management of possible mastitis


Laidback Breastfeeding

Video demonstration of biological laidback breastfeeding

laidback breastfeeding.png

Storage and Handling of Breastmilk

Follow the link to get the Download guide for evidence based guidelines on storing breastmilk

how to store breastmilk after pumping by a postpartum doula.jpg

Responsive Bottle Feeding

Video demonstration of how to bottle feed your baby to support easy transition between bottle and breast (for mothers that wish to continue breastfeeding & bottle feed)

bottle feeding baby
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