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Pre and PostNatal

Private, bespoke, Prenatal and Postnatal Coaching and Care


Envisage the birth and motherhood you deserve (and make it happen)

Included as standard:


3 x Virtual Choices in Childbirth Education (upto 6 hours total)


Educate yourself and your birth partner about the type of choices and decisions you may need, or want, to make during the birth of your child


1 x home visit for home and nursery safety check and bringing baby home awareness



3 x home visits (upto 5 hours total) postnatal care for new mother and baby

1 x On Location Confidence Consultation

2 x Back to Work Consultations


WhatsApp support for upto 1 month after your last home visit

Empowa'd Members Price $1,375

(non members $1,528)