Empowa Package


20 min phone consultation

1 x Prenatal home visit

3 x Postnatal home visits

1 x Confidence Consultation

2 x Back to Work Consultation

WhatsApp Support (1 month)

1 x PREnatal consultation including:

* Birth Planning

* Preparing for baby to come home

* Nursery check

* Preparation for feeding (breast and bottle)

Postnatal support for mother and baby including:

* Birth debriefing

* Feeding support (breast and bottle)

* Lactation and breastfeeding counselling

* Newborn care

* New mother care and recovery

* Holding space for family dynamics

* Lifestyle consulting

* Referrals and contacts to specialist postpartum health care providers


Evidence Based Guidance in:​

* Safety

* Sleep and scheduling

* Child development basics

* Nutrition and hydration basics

1 x Confidence Consultation including:

* Meet at your home

* Discuss nappy bag essentials

* Review pushchair and baby carrier options

* Review transportation versus walking options

* ACCOMPANYING you to your chosen location

* Local logistics and obstacles (pushchair friendly routes, high pavements, potholes and etc)

* Nappy changes in public

* Feeding in public (bottle or breast)

* Coping with meltdowns in public

* Anxieties along the way


2 x Back to Work Consultations including:

* Back to work anxiety

* Child care planning

* Pumping at work

* Styling and beauty regimes

* Managing upwards, sideways and downwards

* Shared parenting

* Self care



Empowa'd Members Price $659 (non members $733)

Optional Add Ons:

Bespoke Choice in Childbirth class - see Envisage Package