Full Spectrum PRE and POSTnatal Support

Get the rest and support your deserve before and after giving birth to your precious bundle.

Your doula will be trained to recognise the support you need including, but not limited to:


* Birth planning advice and consultation - design your birth plan to work with your postpartum needs

* Engaging and caring for older siblings whilst you rest

* Attendance and support at prenatal and postnatal appointments - if required your doula can be an extra pair of ears and eyes and a trained confidant to translate and discuss medical jargon

* Engaging and caring for older siblings during labour and birth (if required)



* Newborn care - to allow you to rest, sleep or shower without worry

* Breastfeeding support - to start you with the correct support and empowerment if you choose to breastfeed. Studies show that early support from a postpartum doula leads to more mothers reaching their breastfeeding goals

* Evidence based advice for mother, father and ALL caregivers (including helpers and confinement nannies) - ensure all caregivers are aware of the correct ways to feed, bath, swaddle and put down to sleep

* Birth journey reflection - ensure you have not left questions unanswered that may cause emotional imbalance

* Light household maintenance - your postpartum doula's priority first and foremost is your newborn and you. Whilst taking care of your newborn and the birth parents needs her time will be busy and dedicated, however if time allows we recognise that emotional and mental stability can come from having a clean, tidy, home. Because of this, if needed, she will access the need to help with light household chores for the baby, and rest of the household, if she deems it important for the birth parents recovery




* Holding space for family dynamics

* Lifestyle consulting

* Referrals and contacts to specialist postpartum health care providers

* Evidence Based Guidance in:​

** Safety

** Sleep and scheduling

** Child development basics

** Nutrition and hydration basics



Empowa'd Members Price $100 per hour 

(non members $111)

Minimum 3 hours

Monday to Friday