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A Help Your Helper consult is designed to cover the fundamentals of what a helper may be required to do for your baby in the first few months. The “training” is designed so that you don’t have to have difficult conversations with your Helper, we do that for you. Instructions will be based on evidential methods and free of cultural bias.


This will include basic demonstrations and instruction in:


  • How to hold a baby

  • Nappy changing

  • How to swaddle a baby (arms in and arms out)

  • How to wash baby feeding equipment

  • How to prepare a bottle (breast or formula milk)

  • How to bottle feed a baby (responsive feeding method)

  • How to place a baby down to sleep and safe sleep protocols

including access to online resources and downloads for all family members to access for minimum 30 days.

In addition to the above we will provide instruction on any specific requirements you may have, for example if you wish baby to “self settle” versus rocking.


Bonus: Help the Helper Infographic pack, covering basic instruction in diagrammatic form; from remembering to put the breaks on the pushchair, to not taking photos for personal use. This pack enables you to give clear instructions without needing to have difficult conversations.


What it won’t cover:

First Aid training

Child Development

Special Needs

Other Helper duties


This consult is designed to be 2 hours, however depending on the circumstances and level of basic English spoken we cannot guarantee to cover all topics. If there is a specific topic you need us to address then please advise at the start of the consult so that we can prioritise it.