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How to bottle Feed baby newborn infant

💥 Empowa Your Baby's Feeding Journey with this Comprehensive 1-Hour Online Class! 💥

How to Bottle Feed

Have you been struggling with breastfeeding & feel judged for considering bottle feeding?


Maybe your little one is simply spitting up, uncomfortable & upset & you don’t know what you can do to make it better?


Do you feel unwelcome in mum & baby groups because you are bottle feeding?


Or, is your baby refusing to take the bottle & you desperately need them to feed happily in your absence?


Are you seeking the ultimate confidence in nourishing your little one?


Look no further! Our evidence-based, judgment-free online class is here to guide you through the art of bottle feeding, providing you & your baby with the very best.

**What You'll Gain**

🍼 Expert guidance on selecting the perfect bottle & teat
🍼 Say goodbye to discomfort: Minimised gas & spit-up
🍼 Bid farewell to bottle refusal & aversion concerns
🍼 Elevate your baby's suckling technique & fine motor skills
🍼 Strengthen neck & core muscles for your little one
🍼 Improved caregiver posture for aches & pains relief
🍼 Smooth transition between breast & bottle, if needed
🍼 CONFIDENCE, even in a room full of breastfeeding mums

**Exclusive Benefits Await You**
📲 1-month WhatsApp support for personalised assistance
📱 Unlimited support via the user-friendly Empowa App

**Unveil the Secrets to a Happy, Healthy Feeding Experience**
Our interactive online session is your gateway to mastering tried-&-true techniques that pave the way for joyful & nourishing bottle feeding. You'll also receive transcriptions, recordings, & reference materials to reinforce your newfound knowledge at home.

**Leave Your Worries Behind**
- Is bottle refusal or aversion causing stress? We've got you covered.
- Tired of sleepless nights due to baby's gas or spitting up? Find relief in our expert insights.


**Empowa Your Motherhood**
Reclaim your peace of mind & confidence in feeding choices. In just one hour, you'll gain the tools to forge a harmonious feeding routine that delights both you & your baby. Unlock a world of nurturing possibilities with our empowaing class, where individual results are celebrated. We're excited to welcome you! Taught by a CERTIFIED POSTPARTUM & INFANT CARE DOULA with experience of 100’s of families feeding difficulties.


Don't Forget, You're Backed by 1-Month WhatsApp Support PLUS Unlimited Empowa App Assistance!


*Note: Results may vary between families.

What people say about Empowa

"Kathy is the ultimate legend for all new mums"

"It is not a stretch to say that we would have not have gotten through those early weeks postpartum with our sanity intact without Kathy"

"Her advice and experience is priceless as she gave research led / objective based advice, taught me about pace feeding, how to burp a baby properly, sleep schedules, and even suggested he took pro-biotics as we suspected baby had colic. Baby got much better too and it all worked out well in the end once we took on her suggestions"

I love what I do
All my best wishes as always

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