Dear New Mum,


How are you doing? I bet the last few days, weeks, maybe even months, have felt like your toughest challenge yet. If you’re feeling alone I want you to know that I see you, I want you to know that I hear you and that I’ve felt what you’re feeling, and that it doesn’t last forever.


Life doesn’t always prepare us for motherhood, we think, and are sometimes told, that it’s going to feel natural, but I don’t remember it feeling natural. I remember that my body felt like it had run a marathon and I remember the looks we exchanged as new parents in the middle of the night when our newborn was crying.


Of course I also remember my baby’s first smile, I remember how soft her skin felt against my cheek, I remember how content she looked falling asleep on her daddy’s chest.


I will also never ever forget how it felt when my doula made her first postnatal home visit - it felt like a fairy godmother coming to make it all better, she listened, she saw me, she heard me, she helped me.


That’s why I do this job, because she inspired me, she made me realise that you can’t do this alone, and that every new mother deserves care, love and support.


You’ve got this mama, but there’s no shame in reaching out for some help.



Kathy @ Empowa

Founder, Postpartum Doula and Lifestyle Consultant