January - it's a wrap

This month's hints and tips rolled into one

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This is my dad, grandad to us these days! It's his birthday today!!! ⁣

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDAD! (chinking a virtual beer, grandad likes a good ale!)⁣

Grandad hasn't seen our little squirt in person for nearly three years (wow, that makes me I don't like thinking about it)⁣

Covid sucks big fat hairy 's !!!!! We had a big family holiday planned for 2020 but for obvious reasons we had to cancel. ⁣

It's doubly hard as my dad will be turning 84, he's perfectly healthy but his hearing and eyesight have seriously deteriorated. So, what sucks even more is that, video and voice calls are just getting harder and harder , it's super hard to connect.⁣

But my nearly 4 year old see's past all of that, she loves seeing her grandad pulling silly faces and wiggle his toes and make silly noises ... kids see past the day to day grind, and I love them for that!⁣

How do you plan to keep the connection with grandparents alive when your baby arrives?⁣

a) regular video calls⁣

b) building a keep sake box that we will share in person when all this covid stuff is better⁣

c) regular voice calls⁣

d) shared photo album⁣

e) group WhatsApp for the family⁣

This is now such an important part of postnatal planning, it's helps your mental postpartum recovery in ways that are immeasurable ⁣

Leave a comment and let us know your choice!

One question I am asked all the time is should I wake a sleeping baby? Today, I wanted to share my honest thoughts on this.

Firstly, until they have reached their birth weight, are gaining weight steadily, are peeing and pooing as they should be, are showing no signs of jaundice or other complications it is very important to wake your baby at regular intervals.

After that it very much depends on you. My own personal style is to wake during the day at key times to ensure naps become a preemptive luxury, and not just guess work, but not everyone likes to do this and I recognise that.

So sometimes I work with parents that want help and instruction on when to wake during the nap to optimize naps, ensuring awake windows aren't too long, to avoid overtiredness, but also that each nap time doesn't interfere with the next, especially if you would like to have a set bedtime routine. Other families are way more relaxed about sleep and bed times in general and are happy to follow baby's cues, in which case I work with them on ways to work around baby. This might include baby wearing, tips for optimum cat napping (for mum), tips for nutrition on the go (if they don't get long breaks to enjoy full meals) and tips for bite sized selfcare throughout the day.

The last time I mentioned @thehomeedit my instagram trends went through the roof.

The #thehomeedit girls recently bust through 5m followers ... there are a lot of people out there that want to get organised (or that just like rainbow colours)

So, here's my own little #homeedit tip for keeping your newborn baby outfits organised

1) USE A SET OF DRAWERS that you can easily pull out each drawer

2) No new mum likes to bend too much, so put all the baby-grows, onesies etc that currently fit your baby into the top drawer

3) In the next drawer down put the next size up, then the draw below do the same, so the bottom drawer has the biggest sizes (but not more than 6 months size up from now)

4) Then as your baby starts to outgrow things you simply move the drawers up (take them out and move them around)

5) Have a spare “bin” or box for clothes they have grown out of

6) Have a spare "bin" or box for things that they won't grow into for 6 months or more. Don’t use ‘active’ storage space for things you aren’t going to use soon

7) ALWAYS make sure you secure furniture safely. Open drawers can seriously destabilise a unit, so use drawer locks or something similar to baby proof furniture

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Keep it simple 💜

Quick! 5 random motherhood facts about yourself!

Here's me:

*** I went into labour in Din Tai Fung in Central Embassy, Bangkok, Thailand

*** I breastfed my daughter until she was 3 years and 5 months old

*** I had postnatal depression for nearly 2 years

*** I had an irrational fear that was so bad I couldn't use a pushchair

*** I've never cut my daughters nails (my husband does it)

Now it’s your turn... What are 5 motherhood facts most people don’t know about you?

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