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Webinar Series

Train with Be webinar about pre and postnatal exercise with Empowa and Pregnant and Popped


Pre and Post Natal exercise you can do at home!

It's FREE and you'll be sent the link to watch at your leisure automatically

How we use your Information:-

Please note that your email and phone number may be used by Empowa to keep you updated about Pregnant and Popped, it's offerings, it's vendors and any changes we may need to make (due to things like unforeseen Government regulations etc).

We also include your personal details in our system to ensure that we provide relevant information, based on your journey so far. So for example, if you are in your second trimester we may send you emails about nutrition in pregnancy, how to find a Confinement Nanny or Postpartum Doula in Singapore, events that you might enjoy and things that we genuinely think will be useful for you.

We also share your email address with the vendors of Pregnant and Popped so that they can keep you updated about their individual offerings both at Pregnant and Popped, but also throughout your parenting journey.

We do not spam people, we hope all of the information that is sent to you is relevant and useful, but YOU CAN OPT OUT OF ANY SUBSCRIPTION AT ANY TIME BY CONTACTING THE SENDER OR CLICKING THE UNSUBSCRIBE BUTTON AT THE BOTTOM OF EMAILS

if you purchase ANY product or service with any of these companies you can get 30% discount off POSTpartum Support Services with Empowa

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to come back and get your 
30% discount off POSTpartum Support Services with Empowa

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