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Aqua Tula

Aqua Tula


Aqua Fitness

I have a created a whole new style of aqua fitness. Using 9 types of equipment, full body workout

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Aqua Tula


Pre/post Natal fitness specialist
NASM certified functional trainer
Power Plate Certified
TRX certified
Movement Training ( MET) certified
Integrative Institute of Nutrition (IIN) certified

How do you help Mums and Families?

I help women who are trying to conceive, by building up their muscle tone and strengthening their hearts ( which have to pump 50% more blood to mums and babies). water fitness also reduces stress which can greatly hinder the chance of conceiving.

I help expecting mums by keeping them cool ( no overheating in the water)and reducing any kind of back pain and ankle, feet and leg swelling. using the Aqua Tula method, I help expecting mums boost their energy in a gentle and safe way, as well as building and maintaining muscle strength to prepare for delivery and post party care!

I help post part mums rebuild their core! In the most safe and gentle way in the water, using techniques I have specifically designed for this purpose.
Post partum mums also can engage in some social interaction in the pool and boost morale. One of my main ambitions is to help postpartum mums reduce any feelings of depression or anxiety. Exercise, and in particular- using the splash and magic of water, can really help with this!

I train dozens of men in the pool. Whether it is to get their HIIT in/a full body workout, or to help with sports conditioning. I also help rehab any kind of injuries. Such as Knee replacement, back issues, ankle fractures etc etc

I help mums and dads feel strong, fresh and energised so that they can take the best care of babies while still feeling so good!

Aqua Tula
Aqua Tula
Aqua Tula
Pre & Post Natal exercise you can do at home! With Be.
Pre & Post Natal exercise you can do at home! With Be.
Dec 04, 2023, 8:00 PM GMT+8
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