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Bliss Mama Doula

Bliss Mama Doula



I am a birth and postpartum companion, who offer compassionate and continuous support to families

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Bliss Mama Doula

Childbirth International, CBI

I am a certified doula and always keep myself updated about the birth and pospartum support care

How do you help Mums and Families?

I am a trained birth and postpartum companion, who comes to offer unconditional support, reassurance and comfort during labor and birth, and the weeks that follows the arrival of the baby.
My mission is to empower women and remind them of their power and inner ability to give birth. After the birth, my role is centred around taking care of the new mum, so she can heal, rest and have a easier postpartum journey

I support both parents. As a doula, I will provide the emotional and mental support that birth partners need during the birth of their babies. My role is to make sure they are actively participating and fully present during childbirth. I am also available to hear their concerns or answer their questions regarding the birth, the postpartum and baby care during prenatal or postnatal sessions. This will help dads to build their confidence as a new parent

As a postpartum doula, I can help parents to take care of their babies. I may assist or support parents during feeds, baths, and other new born basic cares. I provide evidence-based informations they need to care for their babies and feel confident as parents.

Bliss Mama Doula
Bliss Mama Doula
Bliss Mama Doula
Pre & Post Natal exercise you can do at home! With Be.
Pre & Post Natal exercise you can do at home! With Be.
Dec 04, 2023, 8:00 PM GMT+8
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