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Mother and Child

Mother and Child


#03-109 Tanglin Mall, 163 Tanglin Rd, Singapore 247933

Childbirth Preparation

A Mother&Child focused centre where childbirth, lactation, first-aid and play classes are held.

Special Discounts

5% all services for attendees with code " Mother&ChildPP"

Mother and Child

IBCLC, midwives, doctors (MBBS), FirstAid trainers, doulas

How do you help Mums and Families?

Mother&Child works with women to empower them with evidence based knowledge to get them started on the right footing in their parenting journey. We run classes on Childbirth, Hypnobirth and Active Birth, First-Aid (for helpers too), pre-and post natal Yoga and Pilates, and Introducing Solids to Children. We also have group sessions for New Mothers and 2nd-time Mothers to mingle and learn from experts on topics such as pelvic floor rehab, family physicians, dieticians and sleep experts.

Dads are an integral part of the family - we get dads involved in the childbirth, hypnobirth and active birth classes so that they learn how to support their partners during the labour and birthing process.

Babies, of mothers who have been helped at Mother&Child would have had experienced being skin to skin with their mothers and given the best start in their lives, held lovingly by lactation consultants at the centre and showered with love by the front desk staff.

Mother and Child
Mother and Child
Mother and Child
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