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Postpartum Perineal Healing Bundle

Included in your Perineal Healing Bundle


1 x Vaginal Spray Bottle

9 x Mesh Panties

9 x Signature homemade perineal padsicles (ingredients: organic maternity pads, witch hazel and aloe vera)

1 x Reusable Hot/Cold Pack

1 x Ring Cushion


1 x Prenatal Home Support Visit (valued at $180)


During your Prenatal Home Support Visit we will discuss how to use the products for your postpartum recovery; PLUS how best to plan for the days, weeks and months of physical and mental transition



Postpartum Perineal Healing Bundle

  • Please ensure you advise Empowa of any and all skin allergies BEFORE purchasing. We will always try to meet customers needs but in the event we cannot source ingredients that are suitable for your needs we will deduct the cost of the padsicles and proceed with the rest of the care pack.

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