Postnatal Back to Work Planning

Single Visit​

90 mins

Home visit (or chosen location)

Heading back to work after having a baby is a monumental lifestyle shift. It’s totally normal to feel emotions ranging from dread and worry all the way to excitement and joy.

Empowa's passion is understanding what a mum wants her motherhood to look like, her dreams and aspirations for motherhood and her career, and how to make that happen.


We work through very real dilemas, like how to pump enough milk, to daily work life balance, house and family relationship maintenance, schedules, routines and how to choose the right child care.

In addition I coach on how to manage your message upwards, sideways and downwards in your career, setting the right tone, knowing your goals and what is important to you. This not only benefits you, it benefits your employer, and it EMPOWAS YOUR MOTHERHOOD right from the start.

Empowa'd Members Price $95 (non members $105)