Postpartum Support

From $50 per hour

The World Health Organization (WHO) describes the postnatal period as the most neglected phase in the lives of mothers and babies. A postpartum doula helps recreate a village of support, and imparts wisdom on the journey you have already travelled, are travelling and are transitioning into travelling. 

Studies have shown that through home based, evidence based, doula support with breastfeeding, bonding, newborn care, emotional and physical support, access to a wealth of complimentary and traditional resources, families with a postpartum doula enjoy an easier transition period for the whole family, higher success rates for breastfeeding and lower probability of Postpartum Depression in mothers.


The transition into new parenthood can be vulnerable. Through Empowa you will receive expert physical and emotional support, active listening and encouragement for new mums and dads to follow their own hearts. Empathy, a hug or even a good laugh together can do so much for a new parent!

Postnatal support for mother and baby including:

Birth debriefing

Feeding support (breast and bottle)

Newborn care

New mother care and recovery

Holding space for family dynamics

Light household cleaning (if required)

Newborn laundry (if required)


Evidence Based Guidance in:​


Sleep and scheduling

Child development

Nutrition and hydration

Referrals and contacts to specialist postpartum health care providers


New mum holding a baby

Single Visit
from $63 per hour



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Helper Training

Confinement style services
(without the confinement)
from $50 per hour

Family holding a new baby
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Helper Training
from $200