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Strength In Support

Kathy is Empowa. I am trained Postpartum Doula, mother of one and have lived in the UK, Thailand and Singapore. As a Postpartum Doula, I bring physical and emotional support to a new mother, and the rest of the family. I combine newborn care with mothercraft, specialising in feeding, breastfeeding support (if required) and gentle routines. My role is to make the transition to parenthood easier for new parents, to help mum during her recovery period, and to ascertain what the family needs help with and provide the instruction.

The name Empowa is a portmanteau of the words Empowerment and Doula - and that is what I bring to the traditional role of a doula - confidence and empowerment in the new person you have become through a combination of hands on support, nurturing, open listening and coaching.

I have had a passion for supporting new mums as a Postpartum Doula since my own experience of postnatal recovery in 2017. My daughter was born in Bangkok and I supported mums through a volunteer network. Now based in Singapore, Empowa provides women and families with postnatal doula services in the form of emotional and physical (non medical) support to empower their parenthood journey.

In 2018 I took my experience to a professional level, with Dona International, and have continued to support this training with continuing professional development courses, including Breastfeeding and Lactation, Safety and Infection Control and Prevention, Mental Health Awareness and Life Coaching.

Of course, all of this is supported by my own journey as a mother, including battling with postnatal depression, 20 years in corporate business and navigating a career at management level in diverse cultures.

I use all of my training, life experience and passion for coaching people to support new mums, and families, through the new challenges they will face. Empowa is all about empowering new mums, and families, to be the very best version of themselves. When a woman gives birth she gives birth to a baby, and a mother. That change in momentum can feel monumental and women are often left feeling like less of the person they used to be, and not knowing the person they have become.


Empowa finds your strengths, from past and present, identifies and empowers you to be the most amazing new version of yourself, be that a SAHM or a driven working parent.

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A Team

Everyone needs a village, and that includes me!

I'm very open, and gushing, about the people that helped me with my postnatal journey, and for that reason I will never ever forget them, much less forget them I have decided to keep them close as they form the inner circle of my trusted partnerships.

The Team

Emma McNerlin

Midwife, Child Birth Educator and Hypnobirthing Instructor

Emma is a UK trained midwife and Hypnobirthing Instructor. Originally from Ireland, but became a dear friend to me in Bangkok. She is a very active member of BAMBI Bumps and Babies in Bangkok, which is the busiest New Mums Support group I have ever known.

Emma is the Child Birth Educator for Empowa. If you book an Envisage Package with Empowa then your virtual CBE sessions will be with Emma and myself to ensure you have all the technical information and jargon you need before you give birth, and continuity of support through me.

The Team

Sheena Flannery

Infant Sleep Consultant

Sheena is a Sensitive Sleep Institute trained sleep consultant. She is the founder of Bangkok Babies and an active speaker and volunteer for BAMBI Bumps and Babies in Bangkok. We also trained together as Postpartum Doula's and had our babies only hours apart, and a few doors away, from each other. She is the embodiment of what Empowa is all about, and a huge inspiration to me.

Sheena is one of only two well known infant sleep consultants in Bangkok, but Sheena is available for virtual consults and supports Empowa's clients and members through me.

The Team

Lia Segall

Lactation Consultant

Lia is a Lactation Consultant with an IBCLC background. She is the "goto" lactation consultant for new mums in Bangkok, regularly hosting Bangkok Breastfeeding Cafe and providing virtual Breastfeeding Preparation courses.

Whilst Lia is incredibly busy with new mums, and her two children, in Bangkok, she is available for virtual consults and supports Empowa's clients and members through me.

I am of the firm opinion that Lia is the only reason I was able to continue to breastfeed my own daughter. Her gentle, but matter of fact, approach ensures she establishes mums goals and helps them to achieve them, not the other way around. Oh, and she also found the time to train as a Postpartum Doula with Sheena and myself, so the care you receive is seamless as we speak from the same heart and training.