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💥 Empowa's signature, simple and effective system to identify your village, map out your priorities and reduce your mental load instantly, with this comprehensive 1-Hour Online Masterclass! 💥

How to Build your VIllage

A riddle for you...


What gives busy mums some all important “me time”,

allows them to be in 3 places at once,

and supports their physical and mental health?


Any guesses?


The answer is their “VILLAGE”


But are you wondering where your village has gone? Or whether it was ever there?


Look no further!


For this masterclass you’ll receive a FREE workbook with my signature system outline


You’ll use this easy framework during the 1 hour online masterclass to


IDENTIFY your village

establish your PRIORITIES

map out your SIMPLE, yet very EFFECTIVE, action plan


** If you are a ...**

A new mum

A stressed out mum

A busy mum

**You will gain**

😅 Reduced mental load
😅 Clarity on what help you need

😅 Transparency on what to prioritise first

😅 Easy actionable steps

😅 A road map to improved physical health

😅 Sustainable steps towards better mental health

😅 A vision to more "Me Time"

😅 A system for the future

😅 A pathway to enjoying Motherhood

**Exclusive benefits await you**
📥 FREE workbook for use NOW and in the FUTURE

👭 Small group sizes for added impact
📱 Unlimited support via the user-friendly Empowa App

🤑 10% discount off your next booking with Empowa

**Unveil the secrets to being a busy Mum**
Our online session is your gateway to mastering tried-&-true techniques that pave the way for a significantly reduced mental load. You'll also receive transcriptions, recordings, & reference materials to reinforce your newfound knowledge at home.

**Empowa Your Motherhood**
Reclaim your peace of mind & confidence.

In just one hour, you'll gain the tools to forge an empowaring road map for your busy life.

Unlock a world of possibilities with our empowaing class, where individual results are celebrated.

I'm excited to welcome you!

I'm a CERTIFIED POSTPARTUM & INFANT CARE DOULA with experience of helping 100’s of mothers.

I work with large Corporates to design workplace masterclasses to empowa their working parents, and now I'm bringing those successes to YOU.

Don't Forget, you're backed by unlimited Empowa App assistance!


*Note: Results may vary between families.

What people say about Empowa

"Kathy is the ultimate legend for all new mums as she comes waving her magic wand of relevant information and resources to support your journey into motherhood."

"Kathy has helped us so much with our transition into a family of four!"

"Kathy was an absolute god sent! She helped me with the transition of being a mom so smoothly and was always available any time of the day if I had any questions, concerns or even just to lend an ear. I’ll always be grateful to you Kathy and I certainly recommend her to any new mums out there! ❤️"

I love what I do
All my best wishes as always

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