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Kathy Rougier Postpartum Doula Empowa

Hi, I'm Kathy

I founded Empowa, a Postpartum Support Services Company, in 2020 and in 2022 I curated my first Pregnant and Popped Pop Up ... less than 2 years later, we are a thriving Partner Network and boutique Baby Fair dedicated to supporting new mums journey and transition.

My passion is helping mums, but I can't do it on my own! I've also realised that I am passionate about being an entrepreneur and helping other female founders grow and build trust in their brand so that ... you guessed it ... we can help more mums!

Pregnant and Popped has grown quickly, but it's grown 100% authentically and organically. Pregnant and Popped isn't about me, it's about the safe space I curate with experts like YOU! It's about the trust and connecttion YOU build with new mums and families on their transition to motherhood and parenthood.

Want to know more ... Here are the stats

Become a Pregnant and Popped Partner because ...

we are a community that provides mums with the support and VILLAGE they need, and YOU with the reach to access them

Reach 1000's of your target audience with your content, events and services

EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNTS for the next BABY FAIR FOR MUMS. 100's of mums and families attend every May and November

Reach and support more than 400 mums daily through the VILLAGE WhatsApp group

Face to face and online networking with more than 50 perinatal experts

Conduct a LIVE workshop, class or talk in collaboration with Pregnant and Popped

Invitations to guest star on our NEW podcast

Dedicated mentions and link backs on Empowa website. Indicative views 24k every 6 months*

Dedicated mentions and link backs in email marketing campaigns. Indicative CTOR +17%

Design your own Masterclasses, hosted by Pregnant and Popped. Indicative registrations +100 pax

Evergreen content opportunities with REVIEWS, articles, blogs and video content

Access the Pregnant and Popped Social Media Platforms. Indicative reach 10k per month*

Utilise the Pregnant and Popped Meta reach, with exceptional ROI (70% higher than similar brands)

Multidisciplinary team and case study reviews

Bespoke Business Development Training for the "caring industries"

Accountability and Productivity Consultations and Support for entrepreneurs

* indicative of overall views not page specific


being a Pregnant and Popped Partner costs as little as $10.00 per month

Pregnant and Popped Partners