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Thank you so much for being part of this incredible event and network. Please read this page carefully and save for your records. Payment is deemed full agreement and acceptance of these Terms and Conditions, so make sure you know them well.


The Pregnant and Popped network is growing and developing quickly; we aim to respond to the need for change and updates rapidly. Should there be any changes or updates to this information and or Terms and Conditions you will be notified by email and your acceptance is deemed automatic. Please therefore ensure that you have saved as a contact in your email system (we hate going into spam folders). Empowa cannot be held responsible if you fail to receive any communication about THE Baby Fair for MUMS or the Pregnant and Popped network changes or opportunities.



In case you haven’t realised yet, you haven’t just signed up to be a Vendor at a normal pop up fair. You have also joined a network of perinatal providers that all have one thing in common … we help mums and families.


When you sign up for THE Baby Fair for MUMS you are automatically considered to be a Pregnant and Popped Partner for the 6 month period of that Fair cycle - a 6 month cycle is:

“May” Fair - March until August

“November” Fair - September until February


There are currently no imposed obligations on anyone in the network, because we trust that you will quickly see the benefits it provides when we all become visible to each other, and therefore we become more visible to many more families and of course, potential new clients.


Pregnant and Popped is not an exclusive network, we encourage and promote the concept of informed choice to families, therefore we actively encourage multiple brands from similar concepts to come on board and use the network, especially THE Baby Fair for MUMS, as an avenue to educate more people about your expertise and the choices available to them.


Opportunities for all Pregnant and Popped Partners


  1. Be the FIRST TO KNOW about each Baby Fair for MUMS, and first to be given the opportunity to book your space and time at the next event

  2. PRIOR TO THE EVENT your company will be featured a minimum of once in a DEDICATED SOCIAL MEDIA POST and STORY combo highlighting your brand. This is a dedicated post about your brand and the message you want to portray about how you HELP MUMS

  3. Inclusion in the VILLAGE WhatsApp Group Chat - the only whatsapp chat group for mums in Singapore that is frequented with not only like minded mums BUT also YOU the professionals!!! Get EXCLUSIVE ACCESS TO YOUR PERFECT TARGET AUDIENCE (please note that “selling” services or products is not permitted on the Village chat, it is for sharing free help and support, with a view to long term client relationships)

  4. If selected Your TALK/CLINIC/STUDIO TIME will have a DEDICATED EVENT PAGE on FACEBOOK EVENTS and EVENTBRITE as managed by Empowa

  5. Be included in correspondence, marketing, promotion etc regarding your industry wide expertise in relation to THE Baby Fair for MUMS. For example if you are a Fitness Coach you will be included in Social Media and Emails highlighting this subject in relation to the event (please note these are not exclusive posts or emails, you may be featured with other similar companies and brands)

  6. YOU WILL BE INVITED TO CONTRIBUTE TO A DEDICATED EMAIL DISTRIBUTION for your industry expertise. This will be scheduled after the event (within the 6 month cycle)

  7. YOU WILL BE INVITED TO HOST A DEDICATED WEBINAR for Empowa contacts, and your own contacts and the wider Pregnant and Popped Network of contacts for industry expertise. This will be scheduled after the event (within the 6 month cycle)

  8. Priority referral on all Pregnant and Popped business channels, including but not limited to business and social media networks that Empowa and or Pregnant and Popped may belong to from time to time

  9. Information provided by you will be available for Empowa clients, including but not limited to Empowa’s CORPORATE MEMBERSHIP  or Subscription Schemes

  10. Be FEATURED on the Empowa website with LINKBACKS to your website and social media

  11. At every opportunity your content that is relevant to Pre and Post natal families on Social Media will be shared with Empowa audience. Tagging Empowa will assist this process but we will also monitor your feed for content that we feel will resonate with the Empowa audience. Sharing will be via Instagram Stories and using the Pregnant and Popped Partner Stamp, with a linkback to your IG page

  12. Use the Pregnant and Popped SOCIAL MEDIA platform to share your messaging. Simply tag @pregnantandpopped and where the content is relevant to the Pregnant and Popped audience (i.e. pre and post natal) it may be shared as a story on the Pregnant and Popped platforms


Please note that Social Media, Gift and Discount Guides, Email, Webinar or any other content is always subject to Empowa’s final agreement. That said, if your content is about HELPING MUMS and relevant to a pre or postnatal/postpartum audience then we are highly likely to be able to schedule it in because we absolutely love supporting the network as much as possible, and of course HELPING MUM



(including but not limited to THE Baby Fair for MUMS and online events)



  • Read this policies carefully and comply

  • Confirm which vendor option you would like by paying the full amount at booking

  • Send marketing information including high quality marketing images within the required time frame

  • Promote the event via your usual organic marketing channels using hashtags #pregnantandpopped #thebabyfairformums and #empowasg. Like, Comment and Share promotional content of the event

  • Maintain (and tear down) your event space as per terms and conditions



  • Provide the space and any equipment as agreed

  • Send invoices and receipts in a timely manner

  • Promote the event via Empowa’s organic marketing channels. Like, comment and share promotional content of the event

  • Assist all vendors/consignors/advertisers with promotional and logistics queries



  • In the event of cancellation by the Vendor the Vendor is still liable to pay Empowa the fixed fee for period committed

  • If cancellation by Empowa is necessary due to unforeseen circumstances, acts of a third party, or other circumstances which (in Empowa or the Venue’s sole judgement) may compromise the safety of Vendors or customers, then this Contract will be terminated and all Fees will be returned to the Vendor, minus any outlays that Empowa, or the Venue, are not able to obtain reimbursement for or recoup

  • Neither Party will be liable for any failure or delay in performing an obligation under this Agreement that is due to any of the following causes, to the extent beyond its reasonable control: Force Majeure, Acts of God, accident, riots, war, terrorist act, epidemic, pandemic (including but not limited to COVID-19 pandemic), civil commotion, breakdown of communication facilities, breakdown of web host, breakdown of internet service provider, natural catastrophes, governmental acts or omissions, changes in laws or regulations, national strikes, fire, explosion, or generalised lack of availability of raw materials or energy. 

  • For the avoidance of doubt, Force Majeure shall not include (a) financial distress nor the inability of either party to make a profit or avoid a financial loss, (b) changes in market prices or conditions, or (c) a party's financial inability to perform its obligations hereunder

  • The Parties hereby acknowledge that while current events related to the COVID-19 pandemic are known, future impacts of the outbreak are unforeseeable and shall be considered a Force Majeure Event to the extent that they prevent the performance of a Party's obligations under this Agreement



  • The opening hours for the venue to the public will be 10.00am – 6pm (subject to change)

  • Set up for a business day begins 60 minutes before opening time

  • Tickets will be available via the Empowa website, social media and event planning platforms (as managed by Empowa). Under no circumstances shall any tickets be reserved, sold or distributed directly by any Vendor

  • Walk-ins will be allowed providing the venue is not at capacity

  • We will adhere to all COVID-19 Safe Distancing guidelines / safety management measures / rules and regulations



  • You may deliver your equipment to the venue the afternoon before the event - please see website for more details

  • If you have pre-agreed for Empowa/Venue to receive any items on your behalf you must ensure that every box/bag etc is clearly labelled in the event that Empowa/Venue need to identify it and move to your designated area

  • Products and marketing materials kept in the venue overnight are at the sole discretion of the Vendor and under no circumstances does the Venue nor Empowa take any responsibility for any items, products or belongings of any Vendor or member of staff of any Vendor. Please note that the venue will not be air-conditioned when closed

  • All Vendors must ensure they take away all equipment/items/stock/products etc at the end of the event (there is no storage available after the event)

  • Vendors may contact the event manager at the Venue, in case you have any questions about directions or have difficulties with the form.



  • Vendor’s structure must be free-standing and should be able to come up/ down within 1hr. Kindly note that venue staff will not assist with your set-up, so please make sure to arrange assistance for setting up and tear down. 

  • Vendors shall not make any permanent alterations to the venue’s property, nor any other vendors property

  • Vendors shall not display/hang/fix anything on walls/pillars. Vendors should bring their own means to display materials (for example a poster stand)

  • Vendors will be directly liable for any damage caused to the space



  • Vendors must provide their own manpower at all times

  • Set up, maintain and tear down your area showcasing your amazing services or goods in a timely manner

  • Vendors will conduct all sales activity including collecting payment and tracking sales of their products/services. Vendors must ensure that their payment details are readily available / displayed for customers to easily pay for their purchases. The Vendor shall provide all point-of-sales material

  • Vendors are responsible for the set up and display of merchandise in their area

  • Vendors to set-up their own visual merchandising displays at the allocated space, they must be congruent with the space available

  • It is the Vendor’s responsibility to secure and cover displays, products etc securely outside of opening hours

  • It is Vendor’s responsibility to ensure that their area is clean and tidy at all times



  • Vendors/Consignors/Advertisers are forbidden from assigning, subletting, exchanging, providing complimentary or for consideration, all or any part of the location assigned by Empowa to any vendor, consignor, advertiser, business or individual

  • No other business’ product or service, unless identified in this agreement, is allowed to be advertised or sold


GRAND PRIZE DRAW (if applicable)

  • Application Process:

    1. To request to include your product or service in a Grand Prize Draw, you must submit a formal request to Empowa via the this form Pregnant and Popped Grand Prize Draw 

    2. You must submit your application no later than 30 days prior to the Event

    3. Empowa reserves the right to accept or reject any application at their discretion

  • Branding and Logo Usage: The Vendor / Companies branding and logo must be prominently displayed on all promotional products provided

  • Participant Eligibility and Entry: The grand prize draw is open to individuals who Register for the event via the official channels

  • Notification: Winners will be notified via the email address provided during entry. Empowa is not responsible for undelivered or misdirected email.

  • Prize Collection: Winners are required to collect their prize(s) directly from the Vendor that is donating the prize. Empowa will copy (cc) the Vendor into the notification email and the Vendor is to follow up with the Winner as they see fit.

  • Timeframe: Winners must claim their prize within the specified timeframe as communicated by Empowa for each Event. Failure to claim the prize within the given timeframe may result in Vendor legitimately declining to provide or fulfil the prize

  • Transferability: Prizes are non-transferable and cannot be exchanged or substituted for cash or any other items

  • Taxes and Expenses: Winners are responsible for any taxes or expenses associated with the prize, including but not limited to income taxes or transportation costs to collect the prize

  • Publicity for Vendor: By participating in the draw, the Vendor consents to the use of their Company name, image, and likeness for promotional purposes related to the draw, without further compensation

  • Liability: Empowa is not responsible for any injuries, damages, losses, or delays incurred by participants during the course of the draw or while collecting the prize

  • Modifications: Empowa reserves the right to modify or cancel the draw at any time and for any reason, without prior notice


PROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS MERCHANDISE OR MATERIALS for inclusion in goodie bags (if applicable):

  • Application Process:

    1. To request to include promotional materials in goodie bags, you must submit a formal request to Empowa via the this form Pregnant and Popped SWAG

    2. You must submit your application no later than 30 days prior to the Event

    3. Empowa reserves the right to accept or reject any application at their discretion

  • Branding and Logo Usage: The Vendor / Companies branding and logo must be prominently displayed on all promotional products provided

  • Distribution and Use:

    1. The promotional products provided by the Vendor / Company are intended primarily for inclusion in the goodie bags distributed to event attendees

    2. Empowa will ensure that the promotional products are distributed fairly and evenly among attendees

    3. The promotional products will not be resold

    4. Any unused promotional products may be used by Empowa for other purposes that align with the overall purpose of Pregnant and Popped, including but not limited to distribution to Empowa clients

  • Liability and Indemnification:

    1. Empowa shall not be held liable for any damages, injuries, or losses resulting from the use or distribution of the promotional products

    2. You agree to indemnify and hold Empowa harmless from any claims, demands, or actions arising out of your participation in this program.



  • Each Vendor / Consignor / Advertiser exhibits in his or her own legal capacity in accordance with prevailing regulations and laws of Singapore

  • Empowa, and or the Venue, shall not be responsible for any loss or damage incurred, including, without limitation, damage to Vendor's / Consignors / Advertisers property, loss of sales, or injury to or death of Vendor/Consignors/Advertisers (or its agents, employees, and/or personnel).

  • Vendor / Consignor / Advertiser expressly assumes all risks of loss, damage, liability, injury, or destruction resulting from any cause whatsoever, including but not limited to acts or omissions, and hereby releases and waives any claims against Empowa and or the venue related to such loss, damage, liability, injury and/or destruction

  • In the event any “complaint” is made to Empowa and or the Venue regarding any act or conversation made with a Vendor by any customer, member of staff, volunteer, employee, visitor or other person, Empowa will notify the Vendor to rectify the situation to the best of its ability. Please note this may impact continued and or future involvement with Pregnant and Popped and or Empowa, as the network’s reputation is paramount



  • Both the Venue and Empowa are environmentally responsible businesses and we hope to promote the awareness of sustainable practices by encouraging all our Vendors to go green as well

  • We adhere to the three R’s of Waste Hierarchy (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle). As far as practicable, we encourage Vendors to say no to single-use consumables (especially plastic) and choose reusable options instead. If single-use items are necessary, Vendors should make a conscious effort to choose paper or other sustainable materials, and practice recycling where possible



  • Vendors are to abide by all directives, regulations and rules set by the venue and or Empowa. Empowa reserves the right to decline, prohibit, or expel any Vendors or prevent any activity, displays, products, or conduct, which (in Empowa’s sole judgement) is out of keeping with the character and values of Empowa or endangers the venue, any employee, or customers

  • Vendors and their agents, employees, personnel, and/or independent contractors agree to be bound by this Contract and shall comply with its terms and all rules, regulations, and directives as expressed to Vendor by Empowa in any way at any time. The terms of this Contract, including any limitations and or waivers, inures to the benefit of Empowa and its affiliates

  • The relationship of Vendor to Empowa is that of an independent Contractor, and nothing contained in this Contract will be construed as creating a partnership, joint venture, employment relationship, agency, or other relationship between the parties, or to make Empowa liable for the debts or obligations of the Vendor

  • If any term herein is determined to be unlawful or unenforceable then the term will be severed and the remainder of the Contract will remain in force

  • This Contract is non-exclusive and Empowa reserves the right to Contract with other Vendors of a similar nature or business model or similar products/services

  • Any delay or failure by Empowa to exercise any right or power under this Contract shall not be construed to be a waiver of said right or power, or any other right of power under this Contract

  • Governing Law: The terms and conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Singapore .

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