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What do you do?

Infant feeding specialist

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How do you help Mums and Families?

Baby Feeding and Beyond is all about supporting, nurturing and guiding mother and baby without judgement. My goal is to assist families in achieving their feeding goals, whatever they may be. Just a few of the many issues I can help with are:
- Learning to latch baby in different positions
- Painful/cracked nipples, or pain while breast feeding
- Dealing with engorgement
- Low milk supply or over supply
- Pumping and breast milk expression
- Sleepy baby during feeding
- Lumps, blockages and mastitis
- Pre-natal colostrum harvesting and preparation for feeding your journey
- Introducing a bottle to baby
- Return to work feeding guidance

Australian Registered Nurse (Child and family health)
Bachelor of Health science/nursing
Certified Breast feeding specialist

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