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Petite Dreamers



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What do you do?

As the longest-serving sleep consultant in Singapore and Southeast Asia, Louise has helped over 2,000 families get their children to sleep. Petite Dreamers Gives Parents the education and tools they need to enable their babies and small children to sleep through the night and nap "like a boss"

Special Discount

Pregnant and Popped discount for 10% off all full sleep training programs. USE CODE PregPop10. Valid until 31 March 2024

How do you help Mums and Families?

Petite Dreamers help with the seemingly overwhelming undertaking of getting your little ones to sleep soundly each night. If you have a newborn or a toddler that struggles to nap or get a good night's rest, Louise is your superhero in a sleep suit! Together; you'll analyze your family's sleep situation through an in-depth consultation so she can pinpoint any challenges that you are facing and provide a comprehensive sleep plan for you to follow.

Trained and Mentored by Dana Obleman, the creator and registered patent holder for the Sleep Sense Method

Louise also mentors and coaches 350 other registered Sleep Sense Sleep Coaches

When a newborn arrives, dad can sometimes feel left out and that he can't help. They want to be involved but often need more confidence in their abilities. There is no doubt that sleep training can be challenging, but if both parents share the responsibility and support each other emotionally, it lightens the load for mum! Louise gives dads some crucial jobs to assist their tired wives and support their babies in learning how to sleep.

All babies have surprisingly different sleep patterns. Whether you seek tips on establishing a routine for your newborn or have a challenging toddler who battles your will at nap time, Louise and her team have a personalised approach to sleep training so that you and your little one get some desperately needed shut-eye. Petite Dreamers will help you understand which techniques and routines are the best for your little nap warrior.

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