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How to Start a Gentle Routine

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

(for you, for baby, for the whole family!)

So many parents think that the words "routine" and "schedule" mean only one thing "Cry It Out" ... BUT THEY DON'T.

There is another way!

You can start a gentle routine at any time, at any age and it can be entirely bespoke for your family.

Listen to my three (3) top tips that are SO easy to implement and involve absolutely NO CRYING.

Get your days (and ultimately your nights) back under control by focusing on, first and foremost, the parents routine and circadian rhythms, then benefit from seeing the same patterns occurring in your baby.

You're welcome!


The only truly safe sleep space for your baby is their own, dedicated sleep space, that they can not roll out of and with no blankets, pillows, soft toys, bumpers, cloths or loose material. Always remove items such as the above from the sleep space if baby is sleeping unattended at any time.


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