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Pregnant and Popped


Meet mums

Thank you gifts worth $$$

Snacks and Drinks

A riddle for you...

What gives mums confidence, whilst admitting their own insecurities

What is up all night, but never stops

What is always with you, but also in 3 places at once

Any guesses?

The answer is your “VILLAGE”

Pregnant and Popped is YOUR VILLAGE, but we want to know how we can do it even better

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A special morning

Please join Kathy, along with an experienced facilitator from SIXCOMMS, for a engaging and fun FOCUS GROUP, entirely focussed on how we can help YOU

Tuesday 5 March

9.45am - 11.45am

AT feast, Dempsey

(babies welcome)

AT feast Dempsey.jpg
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We want to know what you value about Pregnant and Popped, what ideas you have to make it even better and how we can meet your needs

12 mums, snacks, beverages and amazing gifts - all FREE


Please INDICATE YOUR INTEREST to JOIN this INCREDIBLE focus group in the form below

This will be an intimate focus group with just 12 mums, we are looking for 4 pregnant mums, 4 mums that have babies under 6 months and 4 mums with babies between 6-18 months old





90 mins engaging and fun group chat

30 mins Q&A session with Kathy, Certified Postpartum and Infant Care Doula

Snacks and Drinks

Thank you gifts worth $$$

I'd like to join on 5 March
I am a member of the VILLAGE
I have attended THE Baby Fair for MUMS

Thanks for applying! We’ll get back to you soon. We will select 12 people to join us, but we will get back to everyone about other amazing events coming up soon!

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