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Coffee and Cake with a Newborn?!

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

Want to know what my favourite question from clients is, and a good sign I've done my job well???

"I'm thinking of going out this week to meet a friend, in the real world, where is a good place to go for my first solo trip?"

If you were the super confident, fly by the seat of your pants, type of mum then this question might seem strange to you. You might even be thinking, quite rightly, that you can take a baby anywhere, just grab and go, they'll work it out (or pass out). BUT in my experience most new parents have some trepidation about the first few trips out of the home.

I have a super quick checklist that I run through in my head when picking locations for Confidence Consults, as part of my Back to Work package. FYI these are consults when I meet you at your home and we go out for coffee together, with your bubba in tow. Sounds like the perfect job right?! it kinda is, it's definitely my favourite service I offer because I can see in my clients eyes that it is helping them every step of the way, from waiting for the taxi in the humidity, to figuring out the car seat, to locating the changing room and breastfeeding in public, sometimes this service is priceless (my clients words, not mine). Anyhooo ...

My checklist:

Where is the taxi, bus, train etc drop/pickup?

Do they have a nice changing room?

Is there room for my pushchair?

Can I put my baby down quickly on the seats (if I need an extra pair of hands?)

Will I feel comfortable feeding?

(and yes it was fun finding the GIF's for this ha ha)

So let's cut to the chase, which cafe's and restaurants meet Empowa's criteria?

Please note this will be a regularly updated list, so please check back often.

Please also note this is in no way sponsored, in fact the opposite, if you offer me money to get on this list you'll be barred, although I do accept a freebie taste of a good coffee or cake as a form of bribery ha ha!


Why does this make the list?

With lift access to the 7th floor of Funan Mall, and all the public transport options you could ever need, be prepared to walk into an oasis for new mums. Trehaus is actually a working creche, pre school and co working space, which also happens to have a cafe open to the general public every day.

So stroll up, park your stroller in the stroller parking bay, and feel assured you are in a place where EVERYONE understands you.

Oh and the cookies are to die for!

PS Cafe at Raffles City

Why does this make the list?

"I like PS Cafe at Raffles City because it is right next to the nursing room! Also, the accessible toilet in the ladies’ room is big enough for a stroller so you don’t have to figure out where to put your baby if you need to use the restroom."

Quote from a member on the Pregnant and Popped VILLAGE, yey!

Why does this make the list?

"Lots of high chairs if going with older kids, pram space and a changing table and kids play area. Bus stop is literally outside the door."

I second this. It's a lovely place!

Quotes from members on the Pregnant and Popped VILLAGE, yey!

Why does this make the list?

With a nappy change table in the toilet, good coffee and breakfast options, plus really helpful staff this place is a firm favourite for Empowa and Pregnant and Popped meetups.

Having the option to sit outside, and combine bench tables if needed for friendship groups and large families to sit together, provides a lot of flexibility, no matter how large your group size is ... oh and you can easily manoeuvre and park a double stroller here too!!!

Benches Cafe at Clementi Woods

Why does this make the list?

This is a small café situated within Clementi Wood Park, it's got great parking and drop off, but not only that, it's part of the Chatsworth Preschool, so the entire place is child friendly. The ambience is calm and you instantly feel at home with the array of pushchairs neatly parked outside the main entrance. Once inside you'll find a spacious toilet, wonderful staff, its light and airy and has a wonderful sense of greenery and tranquillity.

Canopy at HortPark

Why does this make the list?

HortPark is such a lovely park. As you little grows you will definitely be back for the nature garden and more, but when you have a teeny tiny one this park is perfect, and the restaurants are amazing. The Nursing room in the public toilets is super cute and very easily accessible, and along with the fantastic wheelchair and pushchair accessibility this park is amazing. The menu at Canopy is super relaxed and a great place to start gaining confidence getting out of the home with your little one.

East Coast Commune at Marine Cove

Why does this make the list?

An Empowa'd Member has told me what great coffee and food they serve here; plus they have amazing nursing rooms judging by this picture taken by another Empowa'd Member. Clearly this place is an all round winner! I'd be more than happy to recommend this as a great location for a Confidence Consult and am definitely making sure I try this place out myself very soon!

Pano Kato at Tanglin Mall

Why does this make the list?

Pano Kato is the on the ground floor of Tanglin Mall and is the sister restaurant of House of AnLi. It's super light and airy, plenty of space for pushchairs and being such a small mall you know you are never too far away from the changing room. The menu is good and another big pro are the banquette seats along the window. Patrons are normally very well spaced out so you should feel more than comfortable feeding in public here too.

Pazzion at Jewell

Why does this make the list?

"I would definitely recommend Jewel right now ... It’s very quiet on weekdays, the nursing rooms are huuuge and super comfy ... Pazzion Cafe is our favourite because it has amazing food and you can put your baby down next to you ... You can take a lovely walk at level 5 at the canopy park. Big perk is also that it’s all airconditioned haha."

Quote from an Empowa'd Member, yey!

Relish at Cluny Court

Why does this make the list?

I often recommend heading to smaller shopping malls when you are looking for quieter place to venture out, less people fighting over the elevators and changing table. Cluny Court is a delight for new mums to do a little window shopping knowing that the changing room is super close by. Taxi drop off and pick up can be a little stressful here, but normally manageable. In particular Relish has banquette seats down one side of the restaurant, which I recommend grabbing, so you can quickly rest your baby down if you need to (just don't let them roll off!) The menu is full of easy pickings. You should feel pretty chilled here with bubba on your own if needs be.

The Vineyard at HortPark

Why does this make the list?

Much like the Canopy the nursing room and access paths make HortPark a fantastic place to venture out. If you want a slightly more refined dining experience that Canopy then The Vineyard is fab.

As I said, keep coming back often as I'll be updating this post with cafes and restaurants as I find them.

If you're looking to meet other mums in a super safe environment, with help on hand and boost your confidence, then you can always pop along to one of the face to face Empowa'd Mums Events.


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