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FREE Guide - Travelling with a Baby

Updated: Oct 3, 2023


Are you going on a plane ... are you really truly going on a plane? Wow, this used to be so easy, this used to be so normal. Covid-19 stole so much from us, it's stolen time, it's stolen loved ones, it even stole a lot of hope for a while. But now is the time to claim that back, set new priorities and put our fears behind us.

Travelling with little people can feel daunting for parents at the best of times, but with added protocols, complications AND THE CHRISTMAS RUSH it may feel insurmountable... but it's not!

Nothing has really changed, babies still need the same things as before and most cases people are just so happy to be travelling to see loved ones, lots of people help on the way!

What's in the Empowa'd Parents Travel Guide?

I'm a bit of an over planner, but I can honestly say that it has stood me in good stead; I can't think of a single trip where I have truly not had something with me to cope with an emergency that may have arisen. A lot of what is included in this guide is not was not taught to me in Postpartum Doula training, this is real life, lessons learned (the hard way!) advice, with an evidence based fact check, because of my training.

The key to packing, in my opinion, is to do it in two stages. The first stage is, over a period of a few days, put everything you think you 'might' need to one side. Then, when it is time to actually pack, you review each item as you pack it, some you'll continue to pack, some you'll decide you don't need and some will jog your memory to pack other things.

This guide includes your essential Packing Know How, including:

  • Main luggage packing list

  • Transit packing list

  • How many of each essential item (not included in FREE Sample)

  • How to Pack guide (not included in FREE Sample)

  • TOP TOYS for the journey BY AGE (CHRISTMAS BONUS)

  • Emergency First Aid essentials

  • Paperwork Checklist

At Empowa we understand that packing is only half of the anxiety you feel about travelling with your precious load... the real drama is in the actual journey! So we've packed the guide full of tips and tricks for how to survive a long journey too.

We cover everything from:

  • When is the best time to fly

  • Which seat to choose (not included in FREE Sample)

  • How to put a baby to sleep on a plane (not included in FREE Sample)

  • Why to use, and how to travel with a car seat

  • What to do with your pushchair (not included in FREE Sample)

  • How to make formula on the go

  • How to sterilise on the go (not included in FREE Sample)

  • How to Pee on a Plane

  • Why the toilet is your best friend (not included in FREE Sample)

  • How to reset your babies Time Zone (not included in FREE Sample)

This guide is meant to be a companion, covering some of the basic tips learnt and passed on over the years, I hope it is useful!

Most importantly, enjoy your time away, enjoy seeing family and friends and have a wonderful Christmas!

Stay safe everyone, Best wishes

Kathy -x-

And if you're travelling and suddenly need some help. You can always book a Virtual Consultation with Kathy, our Chief Doula.


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