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Evelyn Bonney Sleep Consulting



By appointment


What do you do?

I empower families with knowledge and education so they can get their children sleeping well.

Special Discount

10 % discount for NMSG members on all my 2 week packages

How do you help Mums and Families?

I empower mums with one on one support and teach them strategies that will help their children to consolidate periods of sleep. My techniques help mums to recognised their babies’ specific needs. This gives them confidence in their abilities and takes the guess work out of parenting. Most importantly, more sleep for mums helps to protect their mental and physical well-being!

Certified sleep sense consultant, Registered Nurse, Masters in public health

I have 20 years of nursing experience in clinical setting as well as nurse specialist roles. Additionally I have a significant portfolio in training and education with a Advancer Certificate in Learning and performance (ACLP)
and a masters in public health and disaster management.

Dads are just as important as mums! The strategies I use clearly identify where and how dads can help, even if they can’t breast feed! Parenting is a team sport and by teaching dads where they can take the lead I can help them bond with their baby and more fully support their partners.

Gently pushing babies into their natural circadian rhythm helps them to gradually consolidate their sleep. This helps them meet their developmental milestones and makes them happy little beans!

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