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Gentle Beginnings

Gentle Beginnings


Birth Doula

I'm Tania the doula behind Gentle Beginnings, I provide evidence-based and compasionnate support

Special Discounts

5% discount on my service for the fair visitors

Gentle Beginnings

CBI birth doula, Yoya teacher training 200H + 20H postnatal, CBI lactation consultant in training

Certified Birth doula + postnatal yoga and yoga instructor
In training for lactation consultant

How do you help Mums and Families?

I'm here to be your steadfast companion on this incredible journey of motherhood. With a deep-rooted passion for birth and a wealth of knowledge in nutrition and yoga, I offer personalized support that encompasses physical and emotional aspects. I provide guidance to help you navigate the challenges and uncertainties of pregnancy and childbirth, offering a nurturing and empowering environment. From creating customized birth plans to offering relaxation techniques and emotional support, my goal is to ensure you feel confident, comfortable, and fully prepared for the beautiful moment when you welcome your little one into the world. Together, we'll embrace the path to gentle beginnings, making this transformative experience as smooth and memorable as possible.

I understand that the journey to parenthood is a shared experience, and dads play an essential role in providing support and care. My aim is to empower fathers with the knowledge and tools they need to be strong pillars of support throughout this transformative journey. I offer guidance on how to actively participate in the birthing process, providing emotional support and practical assistance during labor and childbirth. Whether it's helping dads understand relaxation techniques, facilitating effective communication, or simply being there to answer questions and alleviate concerns, I'm here to ensure that both you and your partner feel confident and well-prepared for the remarkable moment of welcoming your child into the world. Together, we'll create a harmonious and loving environment for the entire family.

My commitment to gentle beginnings extends beyond just supporting parents; it's about ensuring a smooth and loving transition for your precious little one as well. Through my care and guidance, I prioritize the well-being of your baby from the moment of birth. I create a calm and nurturing environment, aiding in a gentle entry into the world. I advocate for practices that promote skin-to-skin contact, breastfeeding, and bonding, all of which are crucial for your baby's health and emotional development. My approach centers on ensuring your baby's comfort, safety, and security as they take their first breaths and begin their journey in this beautiful world. Together, we'll lay the foundation for a harmonious and loving family experience, where your baby can thrive and grow in a gentle and caring atmosphere.

Gentle Beginnings
Gentle Beginnings
Gentle Beginnings
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