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What do you do?

I help couples prepare for conception, pregnancy, birth, lactation and parenthood.

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How do you help Mums and Families?

The journey into parenthood is a big, often daunting path to take. Whether it's planned or not, pregnancy and birth can affect the way parents bond with and parent their baby. It is my passion to help couples love their birth no matter what course it takes, feeling positive every step of the way. From pre conception, through pregnancy, labour, birth and the post natal period parents feel supported and equipped on their journey gleaning information from my 30+years cross cultural nursing, midwifery, lactation counsellor, doula and mothering experience. Mums are supported whether they choose a natural birth or c-section, to breast feed or bottle feed.

LC, CBI doula, Diploma NSc, BA (hons) midwifery

Also trained in Maternal and Neonatal emergencies and First Aid

Dad's often feel excluded on the journey into parenthood. I support, encourage, teach, prepare and reassure Dad's enabling them to be the best that they can be. By working with Dad's we create a calm, positive and supportive environment for mums to birth and the whole family to care for their babies.

From pre conception I prepare couples on the journey into parenthood helping them to make good, informed decisions, giving the baby the best start in life.
During pregnancy advising you on the best ways to help your baby into the best and safest position for labour and birth.
During labour to keep that best position and enable optimal blood flow and oxygen to baby.
From the moment your baby is born encouraging skin to skin and a successful breastfeeding start if that is what you choose to do.
Post birth to perform top to toe check of your baby, jaundice check, alternative feeding positions, weighing baby, developmental milestones and more. If problems are identified, I point you in the right direction to the appropriate medical practitioner for advice.
Most of all I help babies' parents understand the complexities of a newborn and show them how to love, nurture and protect, promoting an environment to thrive in.

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