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27A Loewen Rd, Singapore 248839


What do you do?

I provide vitalistic and holistic Chiropractic care to people of all ages.

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How do you help Mums and Families?

I help to support Mums spine and nervous systems first and foremost. Whether that is during pregnancy and supporting the alignment of the spine and pelvis to our allow for growing baby. Or postnatally when the upper spine is stressed with breast feeding postures. By allowing the nervous system to function without interference; hormones will be more balanced, sleep will be better, energy will improve and Mum's will find they can tackle the day to stressor alot easier.

Bachelor of Chiropractic

Focus Academy Certified - for neurobehavioural and neurodeflective retraining

Chiropractic is all about reconnecting the brain and the body by removing spinal misalignments that cause interference to our nervous system. Dad's respond to adjustments by feeling more calm, less stressed at work, better posture and overall wellbeing.

I start from helping babies growing inside the tummy. By adjusting Mum's pelvis it allows baby to move and grow freely and eventually settle in the best position for birth. Chiropractic and the Webster technique has been shown to help some breech babies turn into the correct position.
After birth, Chiropractic helps to ensure there are no misalignments in the babies spine post birth and allow for a properly functioning nervous system. Babies with nervous system challenges can often present with sleeping issues, latching problems, colic, reflux and delays in milestones. Chiropractic for babies and children is very safe and gentle. No manipulation or "cracking" takes place, I use a very gentle technique and often babies fall asleep.

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